Sunday, July 31, 2011

Free Music! Art & Stuff!

I'm going to Maine! It makes me feel like this picture! I'm going to visit my beloved friend J, eat lobster, be by the OCEAN, smell some salt air, maybe eat some blueberries and soak in the awesomeness that is New England and the Atlantic and Maine. Oh man, do I have some Maine memories... here's hoping these will be less emotionally fraught :)

I went to Windy City Soul Club last night and danced myself clean. I wore the sexy dress I bought at Forever 21 (with shorts under it for biking!) but no pictures have surfaced, sorry. I suggest you go to the link and download (for free) the Second Anniversary Mix, it's over an hour of "rare" soul and totally danceable. This monthly dance party is always really crowded and sweaty but I really enjoy seeing a packed room full of people really get down, and it's only $5.

I've also been listening to a lot of this playlist from Nylon magazine. Today's the last day to download it for free so get on that and join me in being obsessed with that one song by Duran Duran!

I also got this playlist from Pitchfork music festival for free. I'm a little less excited about it but I like the Baths and Toro y Moi songs so far.

At work I listen to a Pandora station of awesome oldies and soul which you can replicate by just setting up a station based on The Ronettes and then saying you "like" everything that you like, which for me is basically every song.

Ok, I'm going to get a library card, look for French Vogue at Europa Books, and see if I can hit up the MCA and/or the beach! Sunday funday! (I'm not going to bike because I'm afraid of ozone though, sad)

Image by Richard Burbridge and artist Maurizio Anzari with stylist Robbie Spencer for Dazed and Confused, via Trendland, via Design Crisis. whoa, linky linky!

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