Monday, March 12, 2007

About to Leave

To anyone who is still tenaciously checking this blog: I haven't written much because my life here started to be normal and not something that I needed to update anyone about. Also, I felt awkward telling about people that I met here, it seemed a bit like an invasion of privacy.

But, I am going home in 5 days !! and I'm actually quite nervous about it. I think I am not ready for some of the changes at home, and I feel this pressure to do so much here before I leave, especially because if/when I come back, almost all my friends here will be gone. I don't the fact that now that I've gotten all nice and settled, its time to leave. On Friday I'll be going to Athens to meet my cousin for a few days and then to Al Ain in the Emirates to stay with some of my parent's friends for a few days, and then back to Chicago. I get to register for classes today (Monday), which I'm pretty excited about, but I'm not looking forward to having to do real school instead of just chilling with my tutor.

Last night, I had a few people over and we made borscht and potato latkes, and salad and fruit salad and iced coffee and it was much fun, a little Russia in Cairo. This week I have made plans for almost every part of every day, to see all the people I've been meaning to hang out with, but suddenly it has become urgent. But "making plans" is a very fluid thing here. I went to Sudanese church yesterday with my friend Eman. She said, church starts at 12, so meet me around 12:30 and we'll go over. I showed up at 1 (whoops) and she had guests, so I went with her husband around 2 and she showed up around 2:30 when it was over. But, I wish I was Sudanese.

And, I'm running late.