Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dreams about Remodeling

Last night I dreamed that not only was I moving back to Egypt on insanely short notice, but my mother was having her kitchen remodeled (and it only took one day: obviously a dream). She got new white and green(?) cabinets that almost touched the ceiling, working appliances, and a lot of white moulding. It was very Swedish countryside. I also dreamed the house I grew up in was entirely razed, just a blank grassy space that seemed incredibly tiny, almost like a little yard between the two houses looming on either side. I was rushing around a university campus, trying to pack, to organize, to decide which of my many pairs of colored cordoroy pants to bring, deciding to skip work (I was a volunteer, after all), trying to convince my friend to drive up to Chicago with me to keep my company and then fly home, and feeling harried.

"slightly wild, bohemian feel"

This is about a wedding (not super bohemian, I can't imagine real bohemians really care about invitations & place settings) but it's pretty much how I imagine my life to look in an ideal (less urban) world.
From snippet & ink

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brain Leaks

I read a lot of blogs, off and on, and I never know what I will remember and be obsessing over days later. When I go back to see it again, I often can't find it, and google consistently fails me.

I'm looking for: some wedding photos, I think in Georgia, in someone's backyard with an old barn and a wall made of old wood. I remember it because the bridesmaids were all wearing dresses of different bright colors, which I loved. It looked like a totally laid-back, fun party.

Also, a reference to a funnelneck pullover with lots of drawstrings, that was described as being "very mid-nineties Toronto." First of all, I have no idea what mid-nineties Toronto was like, secondly, I rather like funnelnecks & drawstrings, and have been wanting a sortof oversized pullover like that since I saw this one in the Eddie Bauer catalog (it lives on the table in the break room at work, so don't judge me.)

Also speaking of Eddie Bauer, I really want these shoes in copper.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


At work I've been asked to play around with Apple's website-making tool, as well as the InDesign suite. I made some progress with Photoshop but as I'm starting cold, it's difficult.

But, I read lots of lovely blogs and I wonder how they make them look so good? I haven't even learned to, say, embed a video that I find or make my photos look nice in a grid, all the same size, or have neat captions beneath them. Do most of these bloggers use a template? Do they upload their post from another program onto blogger? Surely they don't do like me and type straight into Blogger. I need some help. Also I don't have a Mac at home so I can't use iWeb or whatever it is.