Saturday, April 25, 2009

Brain Leaks

I read a lot of blogs, off and on, and I never know what I will remember and be obsessing over days later. When I go back to see it again, I often can't find it, and google consistently fails me.

I'm looking for: some wedding photos, I think in Georgia, in someone's backyard with an old barn and a wall made of old wood. I remember it because the bridesmaids were all wearing dresses of different bright colors, which I loved. It looked like a totally laid-back, fun party.

Also, a reference to a funnelneck pullover with lots of drawstrings, that was described as being "very mid-nineties Toronto." First of all, I have no idea what mid-nineties Toronto was like, secondly, I rather like funnelnecks & drawstrings, and have been wanting a sortof oversized pullover like that since I saw this one in the Eddie Bauer catalog (it lives on the table in the break room at work, so don't judge me.)

Also speaking of Eddie Bauer, I really want these shoes in copper.

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