Friday, September 25, 2009

Bedoin Songs

This video was taken the first time I was in Egypt, when we went camping out in the dunes with a Bedouin family who put us up for the night. The men were singing around the campfire.

The Exotic East

I cut the hair of a fellow Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations major last night, and we talked about which "East" is more exotic (which apparently means, has more mist in its weather patterns). He maintained that the Far East is more "mysterious" (or is it "mist-erious"? gag.) than the Near East, and after seeing these pictures of Shanghai on Greenlaundry, I am inclined to agree.

Ah, Love.

Boyfriend's out of town, so of course the first thing I see on the internet are these pictures of hipster couples making out. It's from a book by Chris Craymer called Romance. Also more importantly, do you think I can (in the real world) wear a lace shirt like the one on the girl on the right? What would you do on the front, you know, if you can't bring a shirtless dude everywhere with you to cover you up?
via niotillfem, a favorite of the Swedish Fashion Blogs

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Inadvertant "Harem Pants" Moment

I bought new white jeans at Levi's despite all my better judgement, and what do you know, the first day I wear them I spill an entire cup of lukewarm Earl Grey all over them. I was at work, so in order to rinse out the stain I was forced to wear a coworker's sweatshirt upside-down as pants. They freakishly matched with my brown shirt and I look like a kangaroo. Or a really earthy MC Hammer, or Aladdin wearing a diaper. I thought I could just jump on my bike and ride home, but my bike was a few blocks away, so I got to parade my sweatshirt pants in front of lots of people.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Real Life Picture

Ok, Zeb was reading my blog, and saw my post about painting my room, and when he saw the white room picture with the bike and coffee pot that reminded me of my room in 5220, he said it didn't look like my room. Well... I know, but it looked like an idealized version of my room. This is what my room actually looked like, in fall 2007. Mmm... college!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Redmoon is Coming!

This weekend Jess & I will be going to Redmoon Theatre's Spectacle. We went a couple years ago, when they transformed a west side park into a magical "Twilight Orchard." They came while we were at a movie in Grant Park, singing a "Momentary Opera" with masks and costumes. I love them a lot, and I'm very excited.