Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it Snow

A foot of snow forcast for the next couple of days! I'd like to borrow a format from one of my favorite blogs of all time (of all time! thx Kanye) No Good for Me. Listening, Watching, Reading, Wearing, Wanting.
Listening: my ipod "recently" mix, which is incredible, and I suggest you download all these songs:
Buddy Holly, Weezer
Give it Up, Dr. Michael White
Slidewinder, J.B. Hutto
Get Over It, OK Go
Umbrella, Rihanna
Single Ladies, Beyonce
Weight of Love, Starlings, TN
Damn Girl, Justin Timberlake
Step Right Up, Tom Waits
Dam Ustune Culserer, Selda
Nel Blue Dipinto Di Blu, Domenico Modungno
Thunder Love, Little Dragon
Viva la Vida, Coldplay
Crazy in Love, Beyonce
Hips Don't Lie, Shakira, Bamboo (2006 FIFA World Cup Mix en Espanol) remix
La Vie en Rose, Edith Piaf
Kids, MGMT
Skeleton Boy, Friendly Fires
1901, Phoenix
Disturbia, Rihanna
*ahem* judge away.
Watching: saw Mulholland Drive for the first time last night, freaky.
Reading: client charts, articles for class, including a presentation on "the social construction of the term child abuse." Also, Demons by Dostoyevsky, although now that school is in I have less time to read.
Wearing: Columbia snow boots, sweater tights, corduroy skirt made by Grandma & I at least 8 years ago, old American Eagle waffle-knit henley, strawberry print sweater. Plus, of course, my new coat, my hat, gloves, scarf, etc.
Wanting: my new classy-looking winter boots to arrive, as well as the leggings that I ordered (both from etsy). For my new computer cord to in fact be the solution of my recent computer problems. For it to stop snowing during my commute home. For more time to knit and read.

Photo by Ellen von Unwerth via {this is glamorous}