Sunday, June 13, 2010

Color Palettes

Uh oh. I just stumbled down an internet rabbit hole into a world of color!

It started by a memory of this Camp Comfort post about Wear Palettes, a blog of color palettes taken from street style (and other) photographs. Like this one, cute, right?
While I was looking for that, I found this cool website Color Hunter that creates custom color palettes from your images for you. Unfortunately, it doesn't catch smaller patches of colors, even if they're a big deal in the outfit. For example, in this one below, where's the red from the shorts? What about the bright blue in the towel?
This next one is from a painting by Egon Schiele, called The Artist's Wife. Where's her green shirt? And the red hair came out kinda brown.Anyway, this post from Style Bubble clued me in to using Paint to pull out the colors. I guess everything isn't automatic. It also has some nice examples from Wear Palettes, I particularly like the dark rich plaid palettes. Plus, it sent me to Colour Lovers, a community of palettes, color trends, interactive graphs (!!!), and other joyous color fun. I'm definitely going to check it out further.
I made this on Paint just now. See how much better my color palette is than the automatically generated one? So much better.

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