Friday, June 18, 2010


Today I watched the US-Slovenia World Cup game, which I would have enjoyed more had the ref not totally sucked. I wore my new summer uniform of cut-off jean shorts and Mexican blouse. It is wildly similar to these from Loja de Estar. I got it from a roommate who studied abroad in Oaxaca.
In other news from Mexico, they totally beat France. Yay el Tri! T & I root for teams based on 1) national pride, therefore, US/Mexico/our other combined countries of familial origin did not make it to the World Cup 2)hotness of the players. Mexico & Slovenia were good-looking, but national pride edged it out for our loyalty.

In other less frivolous news from Mexico, I had no idea this was going on. Well, I guess some. When I passed 5 souped-up SUVs with Michoacan in Old English font on their tinted windows, I knew that was probably something to avoid. And I knew of the "disappearances" in Juarez. But hmfs, this is terrifying. I need to pay better attention to the news.

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