Saturday, June 19, 2010

Color Fun

Check out some more color fun:
  • Flickr images sorted by color at Multicolor Search Lab
  • This article from Design*Sponge about Color Theory
  • Favela Project from Kitsune Noir, painting a run-down neighborhood in brights
  • Similarly, the Let's Colour Project, which attempts to the do same thing, world-wide (video above)
  • Since I have a compulsive need to cross-reference, Black*Eiffle also has a post about the Let's Colour Project (we're being international here, so there's a "u")
While in the video the project looks awesome, beautiful, uplifting, etc, I wonder, is it sponsored by a paint company? Also, I can't help but feel disquieted by the scene painting the havelis (I think. I saw some courtyards and balconies and almost mashrabiya-like carvings that looked to me to be Rajasthani, but I really don't know). Sometimes bleached-out old stone and wood is what is most beautiful. Some things are built to NOT look technicolor, but to be peaceful in their uniformity of color. See the photos below, which I took in Cairo (first one in 2007 from my apartment window, second in 2005 from Al-Azhar park), for example. Cairo can be awfully bland (from far-off only) because it has so many thousands of plain grey-tan concrete Soviet-looking apartment blocks, all covered in reddish desert/pollution dust, but it has a special monochrome austerity that I love.

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