Thursday, December 31, 2015

Skincare and Coconut Hair Oil Empties

Hiya, I'm back with more exciting pictures of empty bottles. WHY? Don't care, embrace the mystery.

Here we go!
Vatika Coconut Hair Oil. I bought this at the Indian store on Devon for about $4 and it lasted me a really long time. I think I got it even before the coconut oil craze. My logic was that if I used this maybe I'll look like a non-Indian Aishwarya Rai. Although that didn't work, I highly recommend it! I used it as a deep oil treatment, usually putting it on dry hair and leaving it overnight then washing out in the morning for shiny, silky hair. My friend with very curly, much thicker/coarser hair used a little bit to tame down her dry hair. It smells great - not just pure coconut oil. I'm on the fence about re-purchasing - I might try to simplify, avoid more products and unnecessary ingredients, and use straight coconut oil or other DIY concoctions for my oil treatments.

Alaffia Africa's Secret Multipurpose Skin Cream: Oh boy, oh boy! This stuff deserves it's own post, coming up next!

The Body Shop Almond Oil Intensive Hand Rescue - This was some really thick hand cream I'm pretty sure my cousin got when she used to work at The Body Shop. It also came with an almond oil brush pen for the cuticles. I'm really into putting cream on my cuticles (so much that clients have commented) but I didn't think these were particularly special. The cream was a bit too thick to use throughout the day so I mostly used it at night.

Nip + Fab Coconut Latte Dry Skin Fix Body Butter - I think one time my husband (boyfriend then) went to the UK without me, and I said, "bring me back some stuff from Boots," and he got me this and some Boots hand cream. First of all, he's sweet, secondly, I should be more specific with my UK-only beauty requests. I love shopping the sample areas at Boots especially in the airport, there's just so many new skincare products! This was nice and light, I think, I used it up really quickly. Now you can buy Nip + Fab stuff at Ulta and I think at Walgreens, now that Walgreens & Boots have merged.

Clinique "Take the Day Off" Makeup Remover - This was particularly for eye makeup. I don't think I ever had the full bottle as this is part of the stuff I took from grandma's bathroom ages ago. It worked fine on a q-tip or cotton ball to remove any eye makeup left over after cleaning my face, but I don't think I'll buy eye makeup remover again. I did pick up some fancy French Bioderma Créaline when I was in Paris this summer because there is so much hype about it and other micellar water. So far it's pretty impressive but I don't need it very often. When it runs out I might DIY some or just go back to using lotion only.

OM SHE Anti-Aging Rosehip Oil - This was good stuff! According to this post, rosehip oil is super-orange and like a self-tanner, however I did not find that to be the case at all. I was just as pale when I used it as when I didn't. It went pretty fast, but my favorite way to use it was to spray on some kind of light mist, Evian or even better, water and glycerin mixed together, and to put it on while still damp, as referred to in my skincare holy grail article about dry but acne-prone skin, plus every other article ever about sealing in moisture. I actually used up two small containers of rosehip oil, but think I forgot to get a photo of the first one. It has a strange, strong, almost woodsy smell. I've got a skin oil now from L'Oreal (even though the reviews aren't great, I got a sample in a magazine and used it when traveling which is a weak spot for me, when I can't see all my other stuff at home!) but when that's gone I might go back to rosehip. It should be cold-pressed, this one is. The useful little bottle is now filled with a castor oil, almond oil, rosemary and lavender essential oil mix for oil cleansing.

Andalou Naturals Fruit Stem Cell Revitalizing Serum - Another TJ Maxx purchase! This was a nice vitamin C serum which I used under moisturizer to repair my skin from sun and pollution damage. Sometimes it tingled a little which was strange. To be honest I didn't see any big changes but it was really more of a preventative measure and also I just plain enjoy skin care.

This ECO.Organic Rosehip Oil is the other rosehip oil I used up back in August. I got it at my local TJ Maxx for super cheap. I can't remember where I bought the other one. I actually checked with the company and it is also cold-pressed. Both are from Australia. This bottle was super messy, you can see how it's gross and crusty on top. It had a stupid lid shaped like the pump which led to wasting some of it. I think I bought this because the other stuff isn't pure rosehip oil so I wanted to try it straight up. I think either way is fine, but 0.5 oz doesn't last long.

Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Sunscreen Lotion - I got a sample of this at Target. I'd already used up another sample before, see here. For being super tiny this tube lasted a freakishly long time. This time it didn't make my skin sting, I don't know what I was doing before to irritate my skin but it wasn't a problem with this tube. I somehow just don't like this product though so I am glad to see it finished.