Friday, February 12, 2010

Listening, Watching, Reading, Wearing, Wanting

Listening: I recently got 2 McGarrigle sisters CDs & Wust al-Balad all the way from Egypt, which I am really stoked about, also, Tina Turner's greatest hits. I would be listening to these A LOT more if I had a working computer to upload them to, which I no longer have.
Watching: catching up on this season's Project Runway, and this crazy video by Charlotte Gainsburg, who is my French alter-ego, and I am just like her only less famous. I wish that being crazy was like this video, and not scary and disorienting like it really is.

Reading: oh, school, you know. Also this book called Comfort Me with Apples, which was lying around and I read to procrastinate, but I didn't finish because I hate reading about infidelity.
Wearing: green t-shirt that I stenciled with trees at the Art in Action community art picnic last summer, old roommate's old tan sweater, the denim skirt that has gone from below the knee (high school-- I think it was a hand-me-down from my cousin) to super-mini as I get older and bolder and the slit tears further, green wool tights from mom, grey thigh-high socks from Target, heavy-duty wool socks that mom gave me, mom's Sorrel boots from the 70s, purple pashmina scarf from Dahab (actually from India), blue beret from dress-up box in back of closet at parents' house, perfect black coat that I got for Christmas this year from my mother and I picked it out at JCPenney, and its perfect because it has two rows of brass buttons and comes almost to my knees, is long in the sleeves and skinny in the cut, yet warm and cozy.
Wanting: to avoid interviews for internships next year; reservations at Ed's Potstickers for Chinese New Year/Valentines Day. Obviously the beginning of the Year of the Tiger is WAY more important that Valentine's Day. To be done with work. A computer that works. For all time to be weekend time.