Thursday, March 26, 2009


This video is rad.

Also, who owns that many RayBans? Please.

Also also, nice techno.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Today I woke up 5 minutes after I was supposed to be at work, and had to listen to my stomach growl all morning until I could scoot home for lunch. Even the snack machine was out of order!

Then it rained, while I was very unproductive at my other job.

BUT, everything became better when I came home and painted my living room "dill weed" green with my wonderful roommate. The college is on spring break, so he has been cleaning the apartment in a most endearing way-- mopped the kitchen, picked up & threw out & straightened all the random junk we had lying around, swept the hallways, vacuumed up all the cat hair. And now, he's helped me achieve my long-standing goal of painting! Long ago, in the fall, I bought 3 cans of paint for $8 each, "oops" paint at Ace Hardware, my favorite store in Hyde Park (except for maybe Hyde Park Produce. Or possibly Bonne Sante. Or Kilimanjaro, even though I never go there, because Sister Rose is strange/awesome.) Anyway, I picked this color because I thought it would go well with our rather scary 70s couch which is, well, I can't really describe it but it contains orange, purple, green, and a dark red. Also there is a orangy-spiraly rug. And an old exceedingly ratty purple-and-blue flowered chair, a couple desk chairs, some orange couch cushions (the couch is long gone), a TV sitting on two wine racks, a lot of Playstation mess, a strange octagonal side table, my plants on the giant windowsill, the cat tower, my computer balanced on cardboard & plastic boxes, and other junk. It's never been a very attractive room, but I have plans for it! Really, I swear. Paint is only the first step.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I haven't had a haircut in a salon since high school, with the "nice lady" who used to cut our whole family's hair. My roommate cut my hair about once a year in college, except for one time when her friend did it instead. But now this roommate lives in New Haven, so I need a new haircutter. I did get one haircut on her Connecticut porch this summer, but I'm due for another. I like my long hair, but I kindof want bangs or a "style" or something interesting. I saved this pictures merely because I liked the hair. Anna Karina, in the black and white photos, is some 60s Swedish babe/actress, Emmy Lou Harris is basically my idol, and I dig the piecy hair on the illustration for this 70s sewing pattern.