Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dreams about Remodeling

Last night I dreamed that not only was I moving back to Egypt on insanely short notice, but my mother was having her kitchen remodeled (and it only took one day: obviously a dream). She got new white and green(?) cabinets that almost touched the ceiling, working appliances, and a lot of white moulding. It was very Swedish countryside. I also dreamed the house I grew up in was entirely razed, just a blank grassy space that seemed incredibly tiny, almost like a little yard between the two houses looming on either side. I was rushing around a university campus, trying to pack, to organize, to decide which of my many pairs of colored cordoroy pants to bring, deciding to skip work (I was a volunteer, after all), trying to convince my friend to drive up to Chicago with me to keep my company and then fly home, and feeling harried.

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