Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Africa is Not a Country

I need to keep this short becuase I'm supposed to meet some Swedish guy in Zamalek in 45 minutes to go to the old Islamic quarter, where the tourist market Khan al-Kalili is, and a bunch of mosques. He wanted to go to a coffee shop, but I thought that might be a little awkward, and I so far haven't found anyone else to go to Islamic Cairo with me.

In short, I went to see Happy Feet with a bunch of Nigerians, I started teaching English to Sudanese refugees, I hung out with an Eritrean guy and others at the African Diplomat Club (largely for African diplomats, unsurpisingly), and I met some American guys and went out with their friends. I learned to smoke sheesha, I went to KFC by myself at midnight, I watched lots of truly outrageous Egyptian music videos, I got sick and my roommate made me miso soup, and I found myself walking down the street carrying heavy chains with Sudanese people, and I lived mostly off of tea and sweets for two days. I took a microbus alone, I went to a huge western-style mall, I walked 45 minutes across the bridges to downtown to buy postcards, and I started taking Egyptian Arabic. I have new teachers, new classmates, a new roommate, a new flat, a new routine, and a new (unpaid) job. I wish I could explain this in more detail, and perhaps I will later.

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Lauren Dueck said...

Just wanted to let you know that you were mentioned last night at coffeehouse. By Josh. He was dressed up in short shorts, knee socks, the Ritz vest a la lizzy and a pink wig. And it was in a song. Therefore, you should feel loved.

Take care,