Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pretending it's still summer

I usually get really happy about fall, but this year it seems to have gone straight in for winter! And it was such a cold summer with only a few weeks of heat. So I'm upset about it and still thinking fondly of summer dresses and swimming in the ocean, lying in the sun and buzzing cicadas. I guess it hasn't really helped that I went to Florida last weekend, experiencing all of the above summer pleasures (and also breaking and falling off a porch swing), and returned to a chilly Chicago and lots of work to do. I've always really wanted a swinging bed like the one above that I saw on Design Crisis, preferably on a big screened in porch in a cabin by a lake. I would pile it up with millions of blankets and enjoy it into the fall, as long as it was in the sun because I am possibly a bit cold-blooded and need to be in the sun like a lizard.

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