Thursday, May 26, 2011


I love finals week because it is a time to be totally self-absorbed and coked-out on caffeine, a sensation I always strangely enjoy. Today I felt entitled to ignore people I recognized but didn't feel like talking to, because I was too busy muttering to myself about WHERE DID THAT REFERENCE GO. I should do that more often (the ignoring, not the muttering).

I hate finals because I get no sleep and still have to go to work and care about people and not sleep on the floor or otherwise embarrass myself.

But mostly, I like the single-minded focus about it. Obviously I'm procrastinating, but spending days obsessing over one paper or major idea has such an appeal. I've written before about how great it is to really focus and relish in an activity, even if it's kind of unpleasant. I think that this kind of concentration and mindfulness leads to creativity, the state of "flow" that you always hear about. Sometimes paper-writing is like pulling teeth, but its ok to let that happen too.

Scope out my 1 am lifestyle!

Pretty awesome, huh? Bet you wish you were here too! 

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mosey said...

What are you studying? - 'what's your major'?