Monday, May 25, 2009


Zeb & I & two other friends went to see this movie, Fados, about Portugese flamenco-esqe music & dance. The two friends are both dancers, and one is an artist and one is an anthropologist, so they had a lot of intelligent things to say but I just thought it was mostly very beautiful. For awhile there was a shiny reflective floor that I really liked, and the walls/projection screens/changing colors reminded me of Olafur Eliasson and I wished that these dancers could perform inside his "360° room for all colours" that I saw at the MCA.

We went to see it at the Gene Siskel Film Center downtown, which is generally a very nice place to go, but this time there was a lot of ridiculous drama in which an older couple was saving seats for two friends who had not yet arrived even several minutes after the show was supposed to start. They claimed that their friends had already bought tickets, but all the seats in the room were taken but two, and there were four of us standing around who had already bought tickets. There was speculation that two people had sneaked in without tickets, something the young manager told us "rarely but sometimes" happens. Christina whispers to me, "do you think this would happen if we were older?" Louis makes jokes in French to Christina. Eventually the manager told them them that they could not save seats anymore, and they freed them, and another couple obligingly moved so that three of the empty seats were together, but unfortunately the only other free seat was alone in the front row, which each of the four of us gallantly volunteered to take. People can be so ridiculous.

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