Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Simple Shoes

Should I buy these shoes? They are from Simple Shoes, which is very eco-friendly. Even though they are made of leather, the rest of it is all recycled & organic. The bottom is an old car tire! And I never claimed to be vegan. Still, they are $70! But I have been looking for comfy leather sneakers for awhile, to keep my feet dryer and warmer and to last longer. I have vivid memories of walking around Ukie Village with Jess, who was warm and toasty in her leather sneakers, while my toes froze in the freakishly cold wind (and chances are, although I don't recall, there was also "wintry mix"). That perforated nylon-like stuff on athletic sneakers doesn't do a thing, and converse & other canvas sneakers are more appropriate to less evil climates than Chicago's.

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