Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Sabre 620: Weekend Project

Ok, enough about that. You can read Al Jazeera yourself if you want to, and it's making me cry again. So anyway, I decided to party like an Egyptian last Friday, and spent all Saturday recovering from that. Vitamin Water and Neko Case work wonders, and when all else fails, a Turkish coffee and some lentil soup.

I finally bought 620mm (color) film off of ebay, and I figured out how to load it into my old-school camera from instruction on this website. It has pdfs of manuals from almost every old manual camera you can think of. Unfortunately it's been either dark or kinda gray outside lately, so I'm waiting for a good opportunity to take pictures. I think I only get 12, and then I have to find somewhere that will develop it...if you know of a place in Chicago, let me know!

A friend is coming to visit this weekend and we are going to do touristy and groovy Chicago things, so consider this my reminder to take pictures!

I think the picture is from the Sartorialist, but I'm not sure. It's relevant because... it's a photograph and I'm talking about photography?? haha. It's relevant. Trust me. Ahem. Moving on.

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