Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vintage Cameras

I am not going to lie to you: I did go back and buy something at Little Mountain Unlimited. I bought this old camera, a Sabre 620. This camera was made between 1956 and 1972 by Shaw-Harrison, which I've never heard of, and takes 620 mm film, which isn't made anymore. But, it is the same thing as 120 film, which can be found (but not in my rinky-dink town) and just rerolled onto a 620 reel. So, I've got a project ahead of me!
I found it on this shelf full of old Brownie cameras and other fun stuff. No flasks, though, or cocktail shakers, which was disappointing. I only found a smallish selection of pictures taken with the Sabre 120 online, and I liked them a bit more than those taken with the Brownie, which uses the same film size.These first four are by Sean (I think) who writes a blog dedicated to old camera photography, moominstuff. The last one, I believe, was taken with a Valiant, which is identical except for the name.
These two are by Violet_3 on Flickr. I love the double exposure, and the light leaks, while a bit much, are charming.
These two are by rjcarroll on Flickr.

So anyway, there's a preview of the sort of potentially awesome pictures I might start taking, once I figure out the whole film thing, and find a place to buy it and get it developed. Fortunately Chicago is pretty good for that kind of thing. I think I'll start with some black and white film!

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