Monday, August 16, 2010

Thoughts on Consumerism

Have been thinking a bit about this post on Ill Seen, Ill Said, about how much blogs promote consumerism and promote a lifestyle that few of us have or could afford. I'm a big fan of being honest about my cheap lifestyle, and I know I post some ugly pictures. But, the reason I like reading blogs is because it makes my life richer to see beautiful things, and often, beautiful things cost a lot of money.
I was trying to explain to my mom how I have a whole system in my own head to justify being cheap as better, somehow. It's better to wait, better to learn to make things yourself, better to have original pieces with emotional attachment. It makes you more creative, more grateful, more social (gotta pay back all those friends who help you carry furniture in from the alley!).
That said, here are some pretty things that I can't afford from Beklina, an eco-friendly boutique. First from I. Ronni Kappos, then Gemma Redux with the beautiful lapiz & gold bracelets (this is Amy in Egypt afterall), then Shabd who've I've blogged about before, then Rachel Comey.

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mosey said...

Thanks for the reminder. My husband is fully against consumerism and only buys second hand. Sometimes I feel guilty buying things. But I have to say, we are truly the cheapest people I know.