Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Little Mountain Antique Store

Mom & I went to Little Mountain Unlimited (beware the website's bad country music), a giant antique store in a tiny town next to ours. It's pretty much the only thing in the town, but it's a winner. I took pictures of stuff I liked since I'm not feeling rich enough to buy anything.

Mom tired out way before me, so I bought her a coke, and she sat in a chair and waited for me. How the tables have turned! I spent large portions of my youth waiting on her to shop, so I tried to hustle as I know how boring it is.
I really liked this black velvet fedora but realized I've got a zillion hats I never wear at home. Also, why am I always making this weird floppy-wrist pose?I just really liked the color of this cobalt blue necklace. The photo came out a little lighter than it looked without the flash, but it's still pretty.
I love glass bottles, especially this collection of purple ones. But I wonder, would they look so good if they weren't all massed together?
This lamp had been converted from an old oil-burning lamp. A bit traditional for my usual taste but still really nice, and simple silver and green would look good anywhere.
There were a ton of lanterns but this one was actually a toy, made in Japan, and was battery-operated. I am considering going back and getting it, as the tag says it "Really Works!" and it's so cute. It's $15. Should I get it?
My favorite booth had a small collection of old lab glassware. I really want one, ever since I saw some of these posts that I wrote about earlier that use old beakers and flasks as vases. I really don't feel like carrying glass on the plane, though, and also I hold out hope that I'll be able to scavenge some old chemistry lab glassware one of these days.Unfortunately this picture is a bit blurry, but there's another skinny lab flask and some small heavy stoneware cups from the US Army Medical Corps. The whole store had a lot of this stoneware; I wonder why?
More old pretty bottles. There were a lot of old apothecary bottles that I really liked, some with manufacturers and contents and "Union Made" stamped on them. I have a glass bottle problem and really want them all.
Like this stoneware jug for mercury! There was also a cool jar from an old Ekhert's, the drugstore that used to be in our town until it was recently replaced by a RiteAid.
Some pretty amber pressed glassware. I loved all the little cup sets, and couldn't possibly photograph them all.
I liked this tortoise chain necklace. It's similar to a necklace I saw awhile back in JCrew.
Some really cool rugs. I thought of my friend Lila who needs some rugs for her new kitchen!
I discovered that I really like jadeite. It was the color that Jess and I discussed painting my new room, and it really did turn out very similar. More pictures of that later-- I took one during the painting process but the color is awful.I loved these door knob pulls, especially in jadeite, of course, but they were new ("made in Hong Kong") and not vintage, so I passed. I also don't really have any furniture crying out for new knobs.
I love this tin mug with it's unique swirled enamel! The blue and white looks so cute, and it reminds me of the similar mugs my family had for camping.
A bunch of cute aprons. There were some cute patterns and one was printed with a calendar, with illustrations in pink and black for each month. But half-aprons are totally impractical and make me think too much of Betty Draper, which makes me uncomfortable (please do click the link; it leads to an interesting discussion of vintage fashions from a time that was very different from today in terms of opportunities for women and minorities, and I've got more to say about it later.)
I loved this old school chair. Also, the whole place is full of pretty, old, huge Persian rugs, most of which appear to be for sale.
These enameled cabinets were a set of two. I couldn't decide if they were ugly or awesome. I think they are cool and interesting, but can't imagine them looking good in a house.
More adorable glassware and pyrex. I have plenty of mixing bowls but this makes me want another set.
I really liked the rainbow embroidery on this very old tablecloth.
I loved these colorful bowls too. The irregular spots of stoneware peeking through the glaze on the green one were interesting, and of course it's my favorite shade of green.
More pretty bowls and tiny glasses, and I like the rose pattern: it almost look like a spray-painted stencil. And wow, that's the end!

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