Saturday, March 13, 2010

Cannelle et Vanille + Escape from the Meringue Crevasse

I'm entering the world of google reader so I have a place to keep straight all the blogs that I sometimes read. When I get organized, I'll clean up my blog links here so that I only include those that I really read a lot.

I wanted to pitch this lovely food blog, Cannelle et Vanille, which has some of the prettiest food photography I've seen. It got me wanting to figure out how to set up a light box myself.

And then I remembered another food blog, Omnomicon, which is both funny and has beautiful pictures, and the post I read a long time ago about how to take nice food pictures. It has some really helpful advice about light balances and f-stops and so on that I attempted to employ when I made some little mountain climbers to climb into the crevasse in the lemon meringue pie that my roommate made.
Isn't it awesome? I spent a lot of time taking pictures of it, so perhaps I can dig the better ones out soon.

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Claire said...

i love the word "crevasse." So much better than "crevice."