Monday, April 19, 2010

Daily Outfit

Here's a rather boring thing that I wore on a weekend.
Sperry Topsiders that the dog chewed the tassels off of. I just wear them without the leather laces, and I kinda like them that way.
Gap jeans that I bought at a yard sale because they were the exact size and cut that I bought two pairs of the last time I bought jeans, only they were too short and flares, so I cut and sewed them in to be straight leg jeans, which look ok if they're a bit too short.
A free t-shirt from high school "CHS Unity Day" that I cut very fitted with a scoop neck and wear with the kinda ugly logo on the back.
The same green and white space-dye knit blazer that I posted yesterday. I love it.
A sweet necklace I bought in Dahab in Egypt. I've never seen anything like it ever. Someone told me it looks like a dreamcatcher and it sortof does, if dreamcatchers were satin and covered in sequins and beads and hanging from a pastel wrapped thread chunky bead choker. Unfortunately in this lame photo you can't see the sparkly green and red beaded tassels that hang down from the big disk, there are a few escaping out, but the rest snuck in the neckline of my shirt.

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