Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

I love these soft shades of pink, saris made into curtains and bedspreads. As you can see they are from This is Glamorous. Speaking of saris, yesterday was the South Asian Students Association show, which I didn't go to, but I kept seeing girls in incredible sparkling turquoise saris walking between the building of the show and the cafeteria. Then we went out for Ethiopian food (unrelated). Today, for Easter, I wore my pink, orange and green ombre long hippie skirt with little mirrors sewn on all over. I also put an old sheer white curtain over a lawn chair in the backyard in the sun for a windy blowy place to do my psychodynamic theory reading. I sat there drinking my coffee out of the Udupi Palace mug and trying to ignore the cat who desperately wanted to get out into the backyard. How romantic.

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