Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even more Starry Night!

Whoa! It seems that I've stumbled on a trendy trend with my obsession with galaxy prints! This pretty dope star print shirt is by Mara Hoffman, on stylist Masha Orlov, found on Refinery29. I couldn't find this star print shirt, exactly, on Mara Hoffman's website but BUT there's a bunch of other really cool prints, drapey dresses, very boho. And the intro to her website is a galaxy scene and then an explosion of inspiration pictures which could easily be MY inspiration pictures. Mara Hoffman = my style spirit animal?
Yeah, sexy space swimsuits!
More dope prints. The dirty hippie in me wants these so bad. Especially, um, the space print.
This triangle stuff is cool too, and I like the crazy billowy shape. On Project Runway, all the judges hated on Jay's short dress with the ruffles on the butt because "no woman on earth wants her butt to look bigger." FALSE, Heidi & Michael Kors, FALSE. Plenty of women (and men!) like a big butt, including this Jezebel blogger's mom. You should read that article because it's hilar, and also it lets you see the pictures I'm talking about. It's also totally culturally blind to assume that because skinny white women in 2010 don't like their butts, that no one ever does. Please.
Skeleton back, I dig.
Very cool, looks like nerves or electrical wiring.
Compared to what we've seen so far, this is tame, but I would totally wear it every day. EVERY DAY.
Soooo hippie. So mother earth. LOVE her hair, will recreate.
Almost too hippie, but I love the prints. On Project Runway, they got to design their own fabrics, "something every designer dreams of." But man, did they let that opportunity go to WASTE! Even Emilio's much-lauded graffiti logo print was kinda lame, and they all really disappointed me. If you get to design your own fabric, grow a pair and make a Rorschach ink-blot/neon fractal print, like this!

That's right. Only, isn't it freakishly off-center? I can't look at it for too long, it hurts.

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