Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sick Day!

Today I'm the most awesome kind of sick-- still too ill to really go out and be productive, but not utterly miserable (like I was yesterday, ugh!) So I get to stay home, do my laundry, catch up on little tasks like homework, thank-you notes, mending, and so on. I'm listening to A Story of Her (the main singer is a post-doc teaching one of my labmates classes! Don't tell anyone that we e-stalked him and found his band... I think it's ok since I met him at a party a few weeks ago). I particularly like "Days and Nights and Weeks and Months." I also recently got the She & Him albums from a friend, so that's been good listening too.

I love hanging around on the couch in my truly ancient long underwear bottoms and a thrifted flannel shirt. I talked to my family, drank a bunch of tea, looked at the internet... Seriously, the only downside of today was that the hot water ran out while I was taking a shower.

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