Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow Falling & Looking Older for Work

One day a couple weeks ago it snowed one of those picture-perfect snows with big clumps of soft flakes. You could see crystals on your mittens and it wasn't so cold you want to cry. So I took this picture of the building across from my bus stop.

Also, today a coworker told me that I look too young to be professional. I "dress like a teenager" and look like I'm about 18. Granted, today I dressed a little young, but really? I try so hard to look professional. Usually I bore myself to tears with solid colors, dark modest straight skirts, and wool pants. Sometimes I go a little out there with a bright patterned skirt, or like today, a more fun shape, but this is a pretty casual field. My supervisor wears jeans. So anyway, I am not happy about this. I don't really know what to do to look older, that doesn't sacrifice my budget or sleep too much. Any ideas?

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mosey said...

I have the same problem really.
For me, I think a pair of heeled shoes are the answer. Form fitting clothes and heels are 'grown up' enough in my eyes. Oh and maybe a bit of makeup (I rarely wear a stitch of it)?
As I type (at work) though, I'm wearing booties, skinny jeans and a giant sweater with fake furry patches on the front.
My point... who cares?!