Sunday, July 11, 2010

Banner I Made + That of a Swede

Sometime last year, when I was made aware of the trendy-trend of bunting/banners/pennants, I decided to make some for myself. I was working at a library at the time, and we tied up the books that were starting to fall apart with cotton cord that was much like seam binding. It was either white or sortof red, and when we took it off a book, most people threw it away. Of course, I found that unacceptable and started squirrelling away pieces of the red, and a few of the white. So anyway I had amassed quite a bit, and used it to make my bunting. For the paper, I used a piece of pink construction paper, a grocery list on green lined paper, the yellow wrapper from some soap my boyfriend bought in Chinatown, and the blue wrapper from a candle I was given for Christmas. Hooray for recycling!

I hung it in my bathroom in my old apartment, and put it up also in my new one in the weird space under the stairs. It's so hard to take pictures of the bathroom: no natural light, and it's so small that I was up against the wall just to get in this narrow angle. You can also see my orange mini suitcase I bought at my grandma's thrift store (she actually volunteers at a fantastic thrift store run by her church: it runs in the family, you see), and a picture frame with three photos of my family all mashed together.
And, tacked on to the end, this much-better-lit picture from Sandra at Niotillfem. She has a lovely blog full of her own pictures of her life in Sweden. I love blogs that are all original content, and hers is great because Sweden in the summer seems like such a wonderful time, all kinds of boating and parties and drinking in parks, and she and her friends are so retro and stylish, and that Sebastian is a hottie (I think he's married, though). It's in Swedish and google translate is charmingly off, but Swedish is so close to English you can really hit the high points anyway.

But my point was, I like her room! The bunting and suitcase are cute; the rug is especially great; the dress hanging on the wall is something I will be doing more of next year without a closet (I see it in a lot of "styled" photographs but I think it would be a nice way to actually store my nicest dress or two); and the shelf above the bed with photos, art, and books is something I'd like to do in my new space-challenged room.

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