Sunday, July 4, 2010

Colorful, Imperfect Curtains

Recently I saw a slew of images of curtains that really appeal to me: the random colors, especially the dip-dye look in some of the first few pictures, streamers, different lengths and colors, mixed with a good dose of sheers, letting in tons of light. Maybe I'll hang some of my scarves as a window treatment.

They seem appropriate for the kind of apartment that we have around here, and that I got: rambly 1930s flats with lovely architectural details, covered up by scores of coats of white paint, inhabited by students, artists, hipsters, professors, programmers, and researchers for years and years and years. Nothing is quite new or perfect, neither is it quite old enough to be architecturally valuable, but it has its own charm, and I like it a lot.

Photos 1-4 by Hotze Eisma via Bliss.
Photo 5 from Intelligent Clashing via Even*Cleveland.
Photo 6 by "Alice" on Pia Jane Bijkerk.

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