Friday, July 23, 2010

Mid-Century Modern lust

I came thisclose to winning this gorgeous Eames chair in a giveaway from This is Glamorous. Seriously, it was given to someone else with my name.

I would gladly throw away all my alley chairs for chairs like this. I have a quiet but ardent love for mid-century modern furnishings, probably because they, you know, cost money. For example, I have been quietly obsessing about whether the chairs in the lobby of my school are in fact the famous Barcelona lounge chairs designed by Mies Van der Rohe who designed my school. I'm not going to say it's site-appropriate or at all a comfortable or practical building (one of my professors referred to it as "the auto showroom" and the huge windows make the rooms too hot or too cold or too bright to see overhead projectors or too cramped for a normal classroom layout or otherwise stupid), but it has a beautiful clean school-like feel that I love.

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