Thursday, July 15, 2010

Today I found a bunch of old dressers in alleyways and moved them onto my new back porch. My roommate is going to kill me, but I have big plans for them. I found this cute bookshelf - from - dresser hack from Country Living via How About Orange. I can't believe I like something from Country Living, but basically I love anything that justifies my dumpster-diving habits.

Relatedly, I dug through some old papers and found a list of "Key Facts" that my roommates and I made for each other in college and hung on the kitchen cabinets in our apartments. One of my facts was: "vultures are to dead meat what Amy is to abandoned chairs in the alley." So true, so true!

Anyway, like I said, big plans. I'm going to use one or two of the bigger drawers to make a narrow shelf for my shoes that'll fit in the little hallway next to my radiator. I'll use the shallower drawers for storage under my bed, currently an inaccessible mess. And I want to use some of the bigger pieces of wood for a headboard on my IKEA bedframe. If there's anything left, I'll use them to make some kind of shelving unit like the one above. Ambitious? Perhaps. Deeply annoying to my roommates who have to put up with the mess? Definitely. Awesome? Certainly.

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KG said...

Definitely SO AWESOME. Can't wait to see what you do!