Saturday, July 17, 2010

Deconstructed Part 1: Raquel Allegra

I love Raquel Allegra. A young designer who works with recycled jersey from the Los Angeles county jail, she stretches and destroys the fabric to make it drapey in some places, sheer in others. I love it, and wish I could dress like this without looking like some kind of super-fashion woodland elf.

Wait. I do want to look like that. Um, well really I just can't afford it.

You can find her clothes, including some interesting and luxurious versions of basic shirts and leggings, at Assembly New York, Switch Boutique in LA, super-snooty Blake in Chicago, and all over online.

Maybe I'll watch some videos online and see if I can't learn how to make something like this myself, add it to my ever-growing list of impossibly time-consuming projects.

Images from google. The last three are from her new Spring 2010 line, and there's a slideshow at Refinery 29.


mosey said...

These are great deconstructions! Thanks for the blog recommendation. Both she and the blog seem very sweet. Oh and Nick was/is also my fave... but I'm also from Yorkshire originally so it was hard for me to not favor him :)
Anyway, says we can expect the next one in late 2011 or early 2012.
I think there's an American version called "Age 7 in America" - maybe I'll go look that up now...

M. Dominic said...

Way cool, thanks for pointing this out. I'm in love with the knotty looking layered one.