Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stranger Said

While at the concert in the park, some girls were playing frisbee near the end of the set, since the crowd had thinned out quite a bit. Nevertheless, they didn't always catch it, and it sailed into our group of friends sitting on a blanket. The second time it happened it caught my friend in the back. She wasn't hurt, just surprised, and a little miffed that they continued to play during the set and after having already hit someone once. We were amused, and as we looked back at them resuming their game, a guy from the next blanket over, who had seen the whole thing, leaned over and said, "I'm an attorney. They look rich, let's sue them!"

What a thing to say! Nevertheless, amusing.

I was reminded of the story by this painting on canvas by Cody Hudson (what a deliciously American name! Almost as good as Clint Dempsey the soccer player), found via Design for Mankind:
Because, of course, the girls were sitting on (until they got up to throw frisbees at us) a tapestry-like blanket that I admired and reminded me of one that used to hang on my dorm room ceiling with a circular motif (and elephants... oh, the dorms!)

And also this post, about missed connections. Oh, how I love missed connections. This blog illustrates them: awesome.

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Hi Amy!!!

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