Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NPR + Gaga = Awesome

I was hating on NPR the other day, because I love to hate and I was probably hungry and cranky, but I take it all back after watching this video. Thanks, Jess, for posting this for me to see!


Josh said...

Awesome. Lady Gaga is cool in an I'm-kind-of-freaked-out-but-I-can't-avert-my-eyes kind of way. NPR is cool in a boring old man kind of way. Together, they are like a boring old man that I'm compelled to keep staring at. Creepy.

I leave on Saturday for Egypt. You wanna come over on Thursday and hang out? I can show you my hampers and also pick your brain about Cairo! I think we'll have some free time there, so I need some idears.

Josh said...

OK--Thursday it is!