Friday, July 23, 2010

"My house has 100 bafrooms!"

Remember when HomeStarRunner was like, the funniest thing anyone had ever seen? My roommates and I (I'm starting to realize that I refer to "my roommate" like it's one person, but really I could mean any of about 2o people over the years) always went around saying "My house has 100 bafrooms!" "You mean your parent's house? You mean 2 bafrooms?"

But really, my own house (/apartment. /with roommates) has two bathrooms, and I, personally, have my own. It's accessible only from my room. Which means, let me just be sure I'm clear here, No One Else Can Use It (unless I let them, and I'm pretty nice, so I probably will). I've been obsessing about this a lot, but I've never had my own bathroom before and I'm pretty excited.

Check out how nicely the little dinky shelf thing I bought on the neighborhood craigslist fits in that annoying little crack between the sink and the wall! I must say I think the remodel sucks and the boys' bathroom has much nicer vintage features, but who cares? They share, I don't. This is going to spoil me, I'm never going to want to put up with the kinds of bathroom situations I've put up with in the past again.
This is how it looks in my room! Note the rolling clothes rod hanger thing that I got on craigslist to replace a closet! And the drawer that I took from a discarded dresser that I'm going to paint and expand to be a shelf (it's next to the mini radiator). I'm also going to paint my room green; I hate white walls, off-white is even worse. I feel hot and bored just looking at them. You can't really see, but the bathroom is actually kindof huge, with enough room for my smaller dresser, which takes some of the heat off the tiny-room-no-closet problem. It also has a tub, even if it's freakishly shallow and has ugly new tile.

Please ignore my painting clothes: I made the shirt from an old Norge t-shirt and it is great for "wearing as little as possible while sweating it out in your new apartment."

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