Monday, July 19, 2010

Furniture-Painting Adventure

So I bought 5 wooden boxes off the local version of craigslist for $10, where they were advertised as "hideous boxes." And oh god, they were! Avert your eyes from my blurry camera phone picture! Shiny black on the outside and red on the inside, and beat up. They stuck to each other and to anything placed on them, and the previous owner had tried to repaint one with what I can only assume was faulty glow-in-the-dark paint. It was all drippy and sticky and translucent: a hot mess.
So, since they were clearly unacceptable, I did some rummaging around and found this rusted-shut can of paint. With a lot of maneuvering and at least three tools, I got the bent and rusted lid off (note the hole I busted in it with a wrench) and found a totally acceptable color. The top of the can said "Sophisticated Blu" but it really should be "Uber-Girly Lavender."
Since I'm awesome and had nothing to do on Friday night, I primed the hell out of them while getting delirious from being alone in the new apartment and forgetting to eat dinner.
Then the next day I painted them the pretty purple, and did a lot of lying on my back on the dirty floor, sweating, listening to Shakira, and reading the week-old Wall Street Journal I used to protect my shiny new floor. In the background, please note my sweet new fireplace, which unfortunately doesn't work, and my built-in pantry.

These new boxes are going to be stacked in the corner next to a rolly clothes rack, together to become my best excuse for a closet. Total cost: $16 (boxes & clothes rack, paint & supplies were free)

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Josh said...

Having spent the last year with nothing more than a nook to my name, I think that your 'closet' idea is a good one. I found that, without a dresser, all I had to do was buy three el cheap-o clothes hampers and store them under my bed. Now, I have floor space for things that aren't as crazy huge as a dresser.

Yay for workarounds!