Sunday, July 25, 2010

Rustic, Done Wrong.

I love rustic & old & repurposed as much as the next person (arguably more than the next person) but this first image gave me the heebie-jeebies. I do not want to sit there, at all. My back hurts just looking at it. DANGER CHAIR! (My roommates came up with this name for the chairs I collect from the alley that are not in the best shape-- one had an alarming tendency to flip you backwards, another creaks dangerously if anyone over 130 pounds sits on it.)
Then it gets worse. This makes me think: wartime orphanage (except the pom poms which are really pretty cute, and I wouldn't say no to the ceiling beams or the lamps).
Rusty chair and iron bed? No thanks. I'm sure it will stain the perfect white linens and probably give you tetanus. Also, chinks in the ceiling = wicked draft.
Don't move the pendant lights or they'll drop rust flakes into your food. Ew!

First two images: house in Nimes used for photo shoot locations and movie sets from the company Light Designs via Bliss. I can see now that it's not meant to really be liveable.
Last one: Atlanta Homes & Design via Griege via Dress, Design & Decor.

Sorry to be drinking the hateorade. I really do usually like the stuff that these blogs post but it's kindof freeing to break off the "omg so pretty" blogger vibe.

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mosey said...

haha, great post! :)