Thursday, July 8, 2010

This Morning

  • Realized only 2 more days of World Cup! What will I do now to procrastinate? Never fear, I can think of plenty of things.
  • Saw that it is my mom's birthday in a week. I want to get her something, since she likes presents, but what? She likes Scandinavian design, so maybe these earrings from Madison, WI? Sadly she has very sensitive ears, and is a minimalist about most clothes and jewelry, so more things is not often a good idea.
  • Sweated bullets as soon as I came upstairs from my blissfully cool basement bedroom.
  • Spilled ground coffee all over the inside of the now-broken-in-two-ways coffee machine. Time to get a french press. (Especially since soon there will only be 2 coffee drinkers in my new apartment, instead of 5!)
  • Had a PB&J made of bread from a local bakery and the jam that Claire & her very-soon-to-be-husband Mark made with me last summer. It's this kind of good homemade eating that I miss when I go back to the semi-suburbs of home.
  • Ate the last of Jess's delicious pumpkin walnut cream cheese muffins!
  • Worked on an etsy treasury, inspired by the blue lake picture from my Fourth of July post.
  • Got my google reader down from 1000+ to 55! (this took a few days and required unsubscribing to several blogs, goodbye wedding nonsense, thanks minimalist)
The picture is just my room. I am reading: The Psychology of Everyday Things by Donald A. Norman, Demons by Fyodor Dostoevsky, and Architecture for the Poor by Hassan Fathy which was recommended to me by my good friend Lila and I had to return to the library the other day, sadly. I wasn't reading it straight through, and I was basically done with the interesting parts, so it was ok.

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