Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Getting Organized; Ampersand

Inspired by this image from Friends of Type, found via design is mine, I decided to make a quick label for a box of craft supplies that I recently organized. It gave me an opportunity to use my felt-tip calligraphy pens which I so enjoy. My ribbon used to be all over the place, in about 4 little boxes, and when I got some new shoes, (oops. yard sales are my weakness) then I had a box to give them a home all together, freeing up my sewing box for actual sewing things.
Not very exciting, but it's so nice to have stuff in order. Also, my desk is too filled with sewing machine and paper and stuff I've collected to maybe make hooks out of, so hence the French-English dictionary as a writing surface. And yes, that's the back side of a quilt on my bed. It finally got too hot to even look at my down comforter, so I changed to just my parents old quilt. But I've got enough pattern going on in my room, and I like a white bed, so I just turned it pattern-side-down. It's a great quilt: my grandma made it, and there's pictures of me as a little baby lying on it. Its majorly faded and a little frayed, and the brick red, denim blue, and cream color scheme doesn't really do anything for me, but the stitching is in a really elaborate, beautiful pattern, and I love it.

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