Sunday, July 11, 2010

Claire & Mark, Happy Wedding!

Right now I am getting ready to attend the wedding of the two lovely people in this picture, my friends Claire and Mark. I went to hang out with Claire a few evenings ago, and they were making a wedding playlist, which explains the Apple-product-strewn living room (it was also crazy-hot, so Mark positioned himself directly in front of the window a/c unit). While we pronounced suggestions and opinions to Mark, Claire and I also made 250 place cards for the reception. They have a lot of friends!

I really like their approach to this big undertaking, the wedding. It's important to them to have lots of friends and family around, as a wedding is usually the one chance you have to see everyone you love all at once. But, they're also keeping things relatively simple and low-stress. They've done a lot of work themselves (making jam, making invitations, making all the paper products) and they have good friends at the farmer's markets where they both sell cheese, so they got a lot of free fruit and cheap or free flowers. Claire is also a seamstress with a love of vintage, and is wearing her grandmother's dress, which was her mother's wedding dress too, and a veil she made herself. I'm pretty excited, it's going to be beautiful and fun (and I got some of my favorites on the dance playlist.) Hooray, Mark & Claire, for avoiding the wedding-industry machine and being awesome! May God grant you many years!

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