Sunday, July 18, 2010

Deconstructed Part II: All Saints

I'm obsessed with everything from All Saints Spitalfields and I want it all. This long parachute dress recently was removed from their website which made me sad. Although I could never afford it...

There's a short version though, in white and a crazy print.

The print is not on their website, and I don't like it anyway. Here's the long dress on some British soap actress, Loui Batley. The tabloid where I found the picture found it unflattering, and perhaps the short one is more practical, but I like the drama of the long version.
Anyway, All Saints is opening a new store in Chicago, and I'm pretty pumped. I suppose if I ever get some cash to drop on a fancy dress or something (that is completely not appropriate for any occasion I ever go to) then I'll go there. Right.

Or I'll just go try everything on and sigh. I could officially not like this any more.

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Catherine said...

Ah, I love All Saints, but I can totally relate - it is generally outside of my budget. Still, the dresses are beautiful and the detailing is always unexpected!